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Nios English (302)-Solved Assignment

Get Nios English (302)-Solved Assignment for 12th class | October Exam

We are Offering Nios English (302)-Solved Assignment 12th, fully solved assignment with project work. Latest assignment for October exam (soft copy & handwritten copy). You can get PDF File within 5 minutes anywhere in the World. All assignments are in PDF format which would be sent on email/whatsapp just after payment. Take online nios solved assignment Contact us: 9582489391,9716138286. NIOS से 10th & 12th कर रहे Student’s के लिए Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Submit करना अनिवार्य है| 

About NIOS Tutor Marked Assignments

Nios English (302)-Solved Assignment. In order to check the progress during the course of study, the learner should take up Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) seriously. The assignments would be a part of continuous internal assessment and also serve as an academic tool to prompt the learner to take part in the Personnel Contact Programmes (PCPs) and develop rapport between the learner and the tutors at the Study Centres. There is only one Assignment in each subject. The learner should submit the assignments response sheets on time.

MOST IMPORTANT (Nios English (302)-Solved Assignment

20% weightage of theory is given to Internal Assessment. The public examination covers remaining 80% of weightage of theory. The result of those learners who do not submit the Assignments is declared on the basis of Public Examination.

Note: In case a learner could not submit Tutor Marked Assignment on time at the Study Centre he/she may submit the Assignments along with late fee of Rs. 1500/- per subject after due date and after declaration of result till 15th July for April examination and till 15th January for October- November examination at concerned Regional Centre as per Appendix-B.

Cost of Soft Copy and Hard Copy NIOS Solved Assignment.

Nios solved assignment soft copy for class 10th & 12th Rs.150 Per subject

Nios solved assignment Hard copy for class 10th & 12th Rs.300 Per subject

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 TMA will help you to: Nios 10th class assignment solved /Nios 12th class assignment solved file submit before last date.

  • i develop regular study habit which is necessary to become a self learner;
  • l know the subject matter better;
  • l get practice in writing responses to questions thereby having a kind of rehearsal in the preparation
    for the final examination;
  • l receive feedback and confirmation about the correctness of the response provided by you;
  • l check your progress in studying the subject you had opted for, so that you can find out subject
    areas where you have difficulties and need to put in more effort to learn well; and
  • l maintain contact with the subject teachers at your Accredited Institution (AI) and take appropriate guidance in your studies.

How to prepare Answer Script for TMAs?

Nios English (302)-Solved Assignment. In this booklet you will find one assignment in each subject. You are required to complete the assignment in your own handwriting in the chosen subjects only. Use one sided lined paper to prepare answer script for TMAs and submit them to your teacher at your Study Centre (AI).

For every academic year a new set of TMA booklets will be available at the Study Centres/concerned Regional Centres. In case you are not able to get the TMA booklet, you may download the same from the official website of NIOS i.e.

You have to submit a TMA to the subject teacher at your Study Centre (AI) at a given date. Do not forget to take a receipt of submission of your TMA from your teacher. A sample of the assignment submission receipt is given at the end of this booklet.

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Looking into the benefits of TMA, it will be possible for you to make best use of it in order to become a successful learner.

If you have any doubt or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write to us.


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