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Online Nios solved Assignment

Nios tutor marked Assignment 2020-21

We Provide Nios tutor marked assignment solved Assignment 10th,12th, and also provide Ignou solved assignment B.A,B.COM,M.A,M.COM ETC, fully solved with project work Latest assignment 2020-21 for April exam (soft copy & Hard copy).Based on New Syllabus and Question Pattern with Answers. You can get it within 5 minutes anywhere in the World.


Required Information

Subject Name/ subject code, Medium, class, email id or WhatsApp No. Send me by sms or email or whatsapp (My contact No-9582489391, 7992278944)

After that I will send you payment details after payment I will send you.

Soft copy Assignment/TMA Solved- Rs.150 Pr subject (Fixed Rate)

Hand written Assignment /TMA file- Rs. 300 pr subject (Fixed Rate)


(1) During your course of study, internal assessment will be done to inform your progress through
Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs).

(2) TMA in Secondary/Senior examination will carry 20% weight age of theory as continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

(3) Marks will be shown in the mark-sheet along with the marks of external examination which will carry 80% weight-age in each subject.

(4) TMA Serve as an academic tool to prompt you/your knowledge.

(5) TMA Develop rapport between you and the tutors at the Study Centers. (PCPs)

(6) TMA help learners to know their progress and attainment level and develop regular study habits.

(7) TMA should be submitted before appearing in the Public Examination of the particular subject.

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