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Nios solved assignment 2021-22 english (302) for 12th

Online NIOS SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2021-22@9582489391

Online NIOS SOLVED ASSIGNMENT and Nios solved assignment for April examination 2022 Download. These assignments are for students who have taken admission after 31 march 2022 and before 15 sep 2022.  You can Download assignment directly from my website: or

Directly call to Mr. Santosh kumar  – 9716138286, 8809484815 (join WhatsApp)

These assignments are for English Medium/ Hindi Medium Students. Do not facing you any type problem doing copy from my assignment because my All assignments is computerized typed.

###It is chargeable. You can see below its cost for soft copy and hard copy Assignment.

Nios Solved TMA Rs.170 pr subjects (soft copy) for 10th  class

Nios Solved TMA Rs. 300 pr subjects (Hard copy) for 10th class

Payment Mode-Net banking, cash deposit, credit card/debit card, UPI, paytm etc.

We are providing All over India through email and via courier or Indian post.

###NIOS Secondary Course, Secondary Course 10th class (All subjects TMA Available)

Hindi (201)-Nios solved Assignment pdf

English (202)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Sanskrit (209)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Mathematics (211)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Science and Technology (212)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Social science (213)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Economics (214)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Business Studies (215)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Home Science (216)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Psychology (222)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Indian Culture and Heritage (223)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Accountancy (224)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Painting (225)- Nios solved Assignment pdf

Data Entry Operations (229)- Nios solved Assignment

हम आपको यहाँ Solved Assignment File PDF Format  में दे रहे है. आप अपने अनुसार विषय  और माध्यम  चुने  और  इसे आप download कर ले। आपको अपनी लिखावट मे अपने चुने हुए विषयों मे ही मूल्यांकन पत्र  (Assignment) तैयार करने हैं।  मूल्यांकन पत्र  (Assignment) तैयार करने के लिये एक तरफ रेखा वाले (One side Line Page )कागज का प्रयोग करें।

नोट – TMA पत्र में दिए गए प्रत्येक प्रश्न के दो विकल्प हैं जिनमे से आपको  एक करना हैं,  यंहा हमने  एक  विकल्प का उत्तर दिया गया है साथ ही प्रोजेक्ट वर्क प्रोजेक्ट वर्क  को  भी पूरा किया हैं।

Santosh kumar

Ph:- 9716138286, 8809484815 (join WhatsApp)

Email id: –

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