online nios 12th class assignment solved pdf 2020-21

online nios 12th class assignment solved pdf 2020-21

Get Nios solved Assignment for 10th and 12th class. We provide complete nios TMA answer (E-copy). Here available all subjects of TMA (tutor marked assignment) answer in Hindi or English Medium. If students Need Nios handwritten solved assignment file .Contact us -9582489391.


The students pursuing their class 10 and class 12 educations from the open board have to submit their NIOS assignments before the last date as mentioned in the schedule provided by NIOS. The students must submit the NIOS assignments before the last date or their assignments will be marked absent which is not acceptable.

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Last date of Nios Assignment File Submission? 

Last date of Assignment is 31st January for March /April exam and 31st July for October/November exam.

Note: If the last date of assignment submission falls on public holiday/ Saturday/ Sunday then, the next working 
day will be considered as the last date for NIOS assignment submission.

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